10 budget friendly tips to create a luxury pad

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

10 budget friendly tips to create a luxury pad

We all like to take in our homes and make them stand out from our friends and neighbours, and one of the ways we can do this is by giving our homes a more luxurious look. You might think that this method is reserved for those with stacks of cash to spend, but if you’re careful with your money and make informed decisions, you won’t have to break the bank to get the look you want.


A simple white colour is often used in some of the most luxurious pads. It’s crisp, clean, sophisticated and incredibly versatile. A wide range of furniture styles can be paired with it, meaning it’s simple to put your own stamp on your home. Colours like brown and red also give a luxurious feel.


These can be an excellent finishing touch to your seat or sofa and are readily available at numerous furniture shops. Various patterns and colours are available, and they can add some extra sophistication to your interior when used sparingly. Why not opt for a zig-zag design if you’re looking to create that ‘wow factor’? Or what about sticking to a neutral tone if you want to create a more sleek and simple look?

Clean regularly

There’s no point investing in beautiful materials and accessories if you’re just going to let them get dirty after a few days. Make sure you hoover regularly, polish when required and remove all clutter and rubbish from your interior. This method will keep everything looking as good as new and will also give you more space. What’s more is that it’s virtually free to do, so it’s great if you’re working on a tight budget.

Go to charity shops

This is a great way of finding items on the cheap, and you might even pick up a hidden gem that would not have been available in a high street store. Some items may need a bit of restoration work or cleaning to get them looking great, but this is a relatively cheap method and should not take up a lot of time.


Gold or chrome accessories are a great way of adding a touch of luxury to your interior – just make sure you use them sparingly to avoid creating a cluttered atmosphere. Gold picture frames or ornaments are not too expensive, but they give the impression of wealth, while chrome is perfect for adding a more metallic look to modern interiors.


Rugs are a great way of quickly adding warmth and texture to your interior. You can also purchase different colours to give each part of your home its own personality. A large, patterned rug will give your interior that luxurious look that you crave.

Decorate with flowers

Flowers are a great way of adding a burst of natural colour to your home. This method will work best if you buy plants that complement the colour of your walls and the style of your furniture. Flowers are a great way to make your home more inviting to guests, and are an inexpensive design feature.

Curtain placement

Let the natural light flood into your home by hanging your curtains as high as possible to the ceiling. This method will really catch the eye and give the impression that your ceiling is higher than it is. After all, many expensive homes do come with high ceilings.

Go minimalist

It can be tempting to fill your shelves with all sorts of products, but by doing this, you could risk overcrowding your interior and making it look tacky. Think carefully about what you need on your shelves, and adopt the ‘less is more’ thought process. Adding objects of different sizes and colours will give your shelves personality without overcrowding them.