2017’s biggest interior design trends

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

There’s a whole of host of interior design trends to wet your appetite, and we’ve put together some of the very best for you to consider. Read on to discover hints and tips to include in your next design project.

Sunshine shades
Bright colours are a significant feature of design trends in 2017. Standing out amongst the rainbow portfolio of colours available is yellow. Step into the sunshine in your home by adding this uplifting colour to your living room or bedroom, or invest in some bright kitchen utensils.

Don’t want to redecorate a whole room?
Then simply add a pop of colour with a piece of feature furniture or a striking accessory. Try a unique chair to create a distinctive look or a mustard yellow cushion to refresh your living room.

All about blue
For a cooler, soothing interior, choose blue. Blues with a rich, dense pigment are hitting it big in 2017 – with shades of denim, indigo and navy featuring significantly. Pale blues these are not. Blue in 2017 is no shrinking violet but instead packs a powerful punch.

Chalky white
White remains a popular colour in 2017 – but ditch brilliant white for a subtle shade. Chalky whites are in, and brash whites are out. Mix and match furniture and accessories to keep your rooms bright and airy without making them appear dull and lifeless.

Geometric a-go-go
Geometric patterns are a big hit in 2017. Repeat patterns made up of diamonds or triangles are a particularly noticeable trend. Consider a traditional black and white tiled floor in your entrance hall, or play around with different shaped accessories to add visual interest in your property.
If you don’t want to make a permanent change in your home, then consider adding a bright geometric patterned rug or a striking patchwork quilt to a bedroom, which you can remove when you’re ready to try something new.

Bringing the outside inside
Interior design inspired by the natural world is key in 2017 – but it’s less a subtle floral look than a statement leaf print which makes the grade. If you don’t know where to start, consider unleashing your inner ‘Del Boy’ with an exaggerated palm leaf wallpaper or simply strike a pitch-perfect design note with a leaf floor lamp in green.

Vintage chic
Vintage looks remain popular in 2017, but don’t be a slave to an era – mix it up. Don’t stick to mid-century chic, a seventies replay or an eighties revival; pick and mix from your favourite eras to find a design style which is unique to you.

Create a sensory sensation by mixing up the textures in your design schemes, from cork to marble, deep pile rugs to furniture and fittings with metallic finishes. Make your property a feast of different textures to fit the bill in 2017.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this overview of interior design trends in 2017 and that we’ve provided you with a starting point for your next interior design challenge. For a property management service tailored to your needs, contact Together Property Management today.