3 Tips for transforming your bathroom on a budget:

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2020

1: Install a Large Mirror


The addition of a mirror makes a huge difference to any room and adding one to your bathroom will add space and light whilst making the room look larger than it actually is. If you really want to show off, some modern mirrors also bring technology to the bathroom include gadgets like lighting and even music players so you can listen to your tunes in the shower.


2: Candles and Plants


Not all decorating purchases need to be expensive and some small touches can make a world of difference to your bathroom. Adding some scented candles and plant-life will bring some relaxation to your bathroom and make that after work bath all the more serene.


3: Focus on storage


For a usually small room, bathrooms do have a habit of becoming cluttered quickly. Updating your bathroom storage so that all of your products can be organised out of sight brings a whole host of benefits to the room such as increasing perceived space, and making the room look less tired.