5 tips to banish ants from your home this summer

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2018

Summer has many charms, many of which – like the abundant sunshine and opportunities for alfresco dining – can often go without saying. However, one common nuisance of a heatwave is how it can herald ants in large numbers invading your home.

There are various effective means of clearing ants away from your home, however – and you might already have many of the necessary items within your residence’s walls.

Leave a hint of mint

If you have some dried mint leaves, these can naturally repel ants, says the Express. Furthermore, they can repel those little insects without inflicting any lethal effect.

Grind those leaves into a powder which you then deposit around the ants’ apparent nesting areas in your house. Once the ants have seemingly gone, seal the opening – such as a crack or hole – through which the ants entered the building in the first place.

Leave a mixture of baking soda and sugar

Mixing these two ingredients produces a concoction toxic to ants. By leaving the mixture within ants’ ready reach, you can attract them before they bring the solution back to their nest.

This method of ant extermination works because, though ants like sugar, they are unable to safely consume baking soda. As a result, they will die upon digesting the mix of baking soda and sugar.

Put sugar in a bowl outside instead

An alternative, non-lethal way of luring ants out of your house is placing a sugar-filled bowl outside. This method is advocated by naturalist Chris Packham in a Country Living article, with the Springwatch presenter enthusing: “A supply of food can train ants to go anywhere you like”.

Use standard dish soap

Yes, the soap which you routinely use to wash your dishes can serve as an ant repellent. Well, to be more specific, it can be used to effectively tackle flying ants – as clumps of the soap will attach to the ants’ wings and so prevent them continuing to fly.

Nonetheless, don’t use the dish soap in isolation; instead, mix one part of it with three parts water. With these mixed well and placed in a spray bottle, spray the solution on flying ants.

Spray ants with lemon juice

This juice’s citric acid can effectively keep ants at bay while freshening the room’s smell naturally.

You can safely use it in various parts of your house. Take one or two lemons and squeeze juice from them into a spray bottle which you then fill with water. Thoroughly shake the mixture, then spray it.