5 Tips to Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

Posted on Friday, February 7th, 2020

Summertime in England is a bit of a hit or miss season. It will either be gorgeous and scorching, or our typical rainy weather will emerge and soak up all the summer fun.

As much as we all love the warm weather, it can sometimes get a bit TOO hot. That’s why we’ve given you five amazing tips on how to keep yourself warm around the house this summer. 


Keep your blinds closed


If you go to work in the morning, then we suggest closing your blinds on your way out of the house. The hottest time of the day is midday to early afternoon so closing your blinds will mean that the sunlight won’t stream through your windows and warm up your room.

If you stay at home throughout the day, then perhaps close them at around 11:30 am to stop your room from becoming a greenhouse. You’ll thank us later when you’re trying to get to sleep!


Time to switch out your sheets


With the summer here, it’s time to switch out your thick, winter quilt for a lighter cotton sheet. There’s nothing worse than lying in bed hot and bothered, realising it’s 3 am and you have to be up for work in three hours and then being exhausted the next day.

Opting for a thinner sheet will keep you cooler as it won’t trap in any heat and will allow those of us who can’t sleep without a cover to be comfortable.


Refrain from taking baths


As relaxing as they are, baths and hot showers are not ideal for summer as they will just warm up your rooms with steam. Instead, take a nice cool shower with tepid water as they will cool you down and give you that refreshing feeling you long for after a hot, sweaty day in the sun.

Also, a tip for those of you who suffer from hay fever; Regular, cool showers will wash off any pollen that may have been in the air and make you feel like you can breathe again.

Use your air-conditioning the correct way


As we all know getting to sleep with that annoying, loud, humming sound coming from the A/C is near enough impossible but necessary to keep cool. A way to get around this is instead of sleeping with your air-con on, in the early evening, close your curtains, put the air conditioning on, shut your bedroom door and continue your evening.

You can leave it on while you go for a walk, eat your dinner or have a nice shower. Hopefully, by the time you’re ready for bed you can then turn off the air-con and your room will be cool! 


Cook outside!


Instead of cooking meals in your kitchen which will just cause warm air to circulate your living space, go outdoors! Make the most of the sun whilst you can whether that’s having a nice coffee in the morning with the comforts of a patio table and chairs or a big barbecue with family or friends in the evenings.

Eating cold, fresh foods like fruit, salads, and bread is another great alternative to hot food like a roast, as they are lighter and more refreshing in the summer. Don’t forget to keep hydrated with lots of water whilst lounging in the sun!