5 ways to brighten up your home this summer

Posted on Monday, July 16th, 2018

Naturally, when the summer sun arrives, it could reinvigorate your mood and tempt you into running outside to enjoy the high concentration of natural light. However, your abode still might not be left with the most luminescent look. What could be to blame for your home’s lingering dinginess?

It is possible that your residence simply is not arranged in a way that lets enough of the light shine through and reflect off every little corner and crevice. Here are ways of helping to rectify that.

Thoroughly wash and polish your window glass

If your windows were rather battered by the harsh elements during the colder months and have not been given a good scrub since then, they could still show blotches that cast unsightly shadows on your interior decor. It could help if you wash and polish that dirty glass for a squeaky-clean look.

Doing this will let in as much organic light as possible, says Sainsbury’s Home. Failing to heed this advice could hamper other means of maximising the indoor lightness – like the following tactics…

Reflect on how you could… reflect

You might still feel despondent about the meagre amount of light that enters your home. Perhaps foliage in the neighbouring garden is overgrowing, or your house is just poorly positioned. Neither factor might be within your reach to rectify, but mirrors could help you diminish the effect.

Through hanging up several mirrors in strategic positions, you could enable the light to bounce around the room and also make small rooms more spacious in look, says The Lifestyle Blogger UK.

The right paint could also effectively reflect

It is surprising how well careful choices of paint can complement the reflections off your mirrors. Apply a fresh layer in a bright colour and see how much lighter the room feels. Settling on white paint can produce optimal results, as this colour is brighter and more reflective than any other.

Still, any other colour can be similarly helpful provided that its shade is sufficiently pale. In any case, always choose matte – rather than glossy – paint, as the shinier surfaces can create too much glare.

Add sorbet colours for an ice cream come true

One of the typical highlights of summer has to be the opportunity to cool down by tucking into some ice cream. However, you do not need to head outside to the ice cream van or even get out the Viennetta indoors, as your favourite frosty delicacies could just inspire your interior decor colours.

One example of how you could act on this advice is adding some throws of sorbet colours to your bed. Make sure the bedspread is complementary in colour for an especially strong effect.

Set for some baking? Place surfaces you can wipe clean

With more sun now shining through your kitchen windows, you could be in the mood for some baking. However, if the kids will be joining you, give your workstation a tablecloth off which you can easily wipe mess.