6 simple features that add value to your property

Posted on Monday, December 12th, 2016

While many homeowners give their properties a lick of paint in the hopes of adding value, there are some more important features that are now demanded by savvy buyers. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or you’re just looking for inspiration as a buyer, we’ve put together just six features that are adding value to properties in London.

Off-street parking

Parking in London is notoriously expensive. In many London boroughs, homeowners can struggle to park outside of their homes, meaning off-street parking is all the more attractive. A driveway or parking space could add up to £50,000 to the value of a home in expensive urban areas, removing the headache of parking tickets and spending the evening driving around in search of space.

A view

Most properties in London overlook neighbours and apartment blocks, and it’s rare to find a home with a really good view. Such properties stand out from the crowd, and as such, homeowners can command a premium of up to 10% in exchange for a view of the waterfront or local park. If you’re selling a property, consider the view from your bedrooms – cut back foliage, dress up window displays and do whatever you can to bring the outdoors in.

A garden room

Garden rooms and annexes are becoming increasingly popular in London properties, offering more flexibility for families with children and couples who enjoy entertaining, and for those looking to work from home. For sellers, unlocking such space through an extension is often a cost-effective way of adding value to a property without having to spend a fortune.


Properties with the latest technology and gadgetry may not be for everyone, but they are a sign that the homeowner has spent time and money on creating a quality space. With more smartphone apps than ever promising to power your home from your phone, ‘smart homes’ appeal to young, savvy buyers who are looking to find a property that works for them.

With the average London house price more than £500,000, it is important that homeowners get the most for their money. If you’re selling a property of your own, try to include as many of the features we’ve mentioned above to increase your home’s value and help you stand out from the crowd.

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