Autumn trends 2018 – what’s hot and what’s not?

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

With autumn upon us, it’s understandable if you have recently been looking through your home for interior elements that you reckon could do with sprucing up.
After all, the chilly weather of autumn often gives us more reason to stay indoors – and you might realise that you are trailing the curve when it comes to your current interior decor.
Here are several examples of interior design elements which have recently flourished in popularity, as well as other styles which have been pushed out of credibility for the autumn season.


Imperfect is the new perfect

In the summer, you might have noticed many homes embracing the artisan trend, leaving plenty of mass-produced decor pieces looking rather soulless. The trend has been strengthened this autumn, with natural wood and textural weave having been incorporated into designs.

Designers have often used rattan and wicker to sculpt items in a purposefully imperfect way. It’s a push back against the technology-fuelled drive for visual perfectionism. Don’t be too quick to sneer at imperfections; now is the time to celebrate them instead, Ideal Home enthuses.

Luxury becomes even more luxurious

You might have noticed the word “luxe” being mentioned a lot in interior design circles. A big reason why is that staying in is basically the new going out – meaning that, with decadence-oozing fabrics and furniture, you can look forward to thoroughly enjoying the time that you spend in your home.

Industrial chic is increasingly shorn of its rough edges

There was once a time when the aesthetic grittiness of industrial elements was the whole point of using them. However, the world has started tiring of the kind of brutal architecture that wouldn’t have looked out of place in communist East Germany.

These days, industrial elements are getting smoother lines, not to mention finishes that look more polished and defined. For a better idea of the direction in which industrial chic is going, check out French Connection’s new lighting condition, which adds smoked glass accents to the hard metal.

Kitchens of unexpected visual variety

For a while, kitchens have tended to look… well, a little dull. It hasn’t been uncommon to see a kitchen sticking to the same visual style for all of its units, while even the splashback tended to strike a complementary tone. However, this autumn, you should be more daring with your stylistic choices.

To that end, mix up the textures, colours and touches of your kitchen elements. Consider integrating a solid wood chopping board into a sleek quartz work surface, as House Beautiful advises.

Sustainable style 

Households have probably never been more conscious of the impact that their decisions have on the environment. This helps to explain the rising appeal of furniture and fabrics comprising eco-friendly materials. You don’t have to surrender your style sense to use such materials, either.

YOU Magazine suggests that you consider a cushion cover made from sustainable cotton, a dining table consisting of sustainable acacia wood and a chair made of renewable rattan and bamboo.