Back to basics: how to create a foundation for your next interior design project

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2018

We think you will agree that there is nothing quite as good as the feeling of new interior touches. Luckily, neutral interiors are not only incredibly popular but very easy to pull off although there are a few factors you will need to take into account to create a space that is elegant, classic and won’t go out of style.

Creating a foundation with neutral colours

In interior design, neutral means without colour but that does not mean that it has to be boring. While it’s true that neutral colours provide you with the best possible canvas for your design project, whether you choose beige, ivory, taupe, grey or shades of white, when you look closely, these hues often have undertones. For example, perhaps you choose a beige that has an undertone of blush, tan or gold or a white that is slightly bluish or yellow. In that case, neutral colours can be used in two ways: either to create a soft, quiet look or as a background colour to more dramatic accents.

Add texture and layers

One of the most important parts of decorating with a neutral colour scheme is to bring in as much texture as possible. Although subtle, this can often be where you are creating the most visual interest in the room. Consider fabrics like suede, velvet and sheepskin on throws and pillows that can be layered over sofas and chairs. When shopping for furniture, you should also think about the different shapes you are choosing. For example, a pale blue sofa can work well with a pale blue wall so long as it has an interesting shape.

Add some visual warmth 

Neutral rooms still need visual warmth, and while part of this will be provided by the textures that you choose, other things such as the furniture can certainly help. In the colder months, you might want to swap light curtains for some with a thicker material or replacing your lighter soft furnishings with darker pieces. Your lighting will play an important role here too. Good lighting creates layers of different effects and will allow you to create interest in places you may have never even considered before.

Remember, you do not have to be a professional to pull of good interior design. All it requires is a little thought about how you are going to balance certain elements to create a home that is comfortable and cosy rather than boring and bland.