Barn conversions are booming

Posted on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

Converting a barn into a living or entertainment space can seem like a daunting task. Not only do you have the financial commitment to take care of, but you also have the challenges of trying to gain planning permission for your build and coming up with a design that allows the barn’s character and history to shine through.

However, despite the potential pitfalls and challenges that a developer may experience along the way, barn conversions are soaring in popularity at the moment. Why is this the case?

They have plenty of character
Many barns are period pieces that were built centuries ago, and now developers have the chance to own a piece of local or national history by purchasing one. Although a lot of restoration work is usually required, most barns come with their original features still intact and big, airy rooms that are suitable for a whole host of family occasions.
In an age when modern family homes often lack character due to the speed at which they are constructed, it can be quite exciting for families to get their hands on something truly unique. After all, no two barns will ever be completely the same.

The setting
Barns have played a large part in the UK’s rural industry for years and although some of them may not be used anymore, you can see why they are often an attractive proposition for buyers looking for a project.
Purchasing and converting a barn represents a chance to escape to the countryside, into greener surroundings – away from the stresses and strains of suburban living. Many of these buildings are also situated on protected plots of land where planning permission for new houses would never be granted, so it’s a chance to live in an area that many people will never be lucky enough to experience.
Once converted and ready to live in, barns are a gateway to a quieter way of life. Of course, you could opt for a rural home instead, but once again, barns offer the character with which many modern homes just cannot compete. Rural living is becoming increasingly popular, with many professionals looking to leave the UK’s towns and cities in search of a quieter life. Barn conversions are a great way of satisfying the extra demand for housing in our more rural areas.

The price
The demand for barn conversions at the moment has meant that those barns already on the market are being sold at a premium, so it can be difficult to estimate how much a given barn will cost to both buy and convert.
Location is a big factor in determining the price of the barn that you are interested in purchasing, as well as how much land the plot comes with and what you plan to do with it. You may also need to look into hooking the property up to an electricity, gas and sewage supply if possible, which will push the cost up further. However, if you’re thinking about selling the converted barn in the future, you could be in line for a sizeable profit that far outweighs the initial investment.