Bath to the Future: Tips for Modernising Your Bathroom Decor

Posted on Friday, January 10th, 2020

Although your bathroom is likely to be one of the most commonly used rooms of your house, the regularity with which this room is used for practical purposes could also, ironically, make it easier to neglect aesthetically. After all, a bathroom’s functionality is surely more urgently important than its look.

As true as that may be, it remains possible for you to bring your bathroom into 2019 without the need for excessive expenditure. Here are just a few cost-effective tips worth heeding.

Thoroughly scrub that bathroom

Surprisingly, making your bathroom look new could be as simple as rigorously cleaning it. While good hygiene is clearly important anyway in a bathroom, you might not have realised the impact that can come from, say, removing black gunk between your tiles, as B&Q advocates.

Keep polishing every part of your bathroom, right down to the shower head, until it shines. However, what if the design continues to look outdated? In that case, you could…

Paint the tiles

Some tiles can, in their design, simply give away their age too easily. Mint, pink and raspberry are tile colours that can look particularly dated, but you can overcome the unsightliness of those hues simply by painting over them – or perhaps even just over accent tiles with a contrasting colour.

Still, before you get started with the painting, you should make sure you have a very good primer – advice shared by Forbes, which adds that this primer will usually be oil-based rather than water-based.

Replace the blinds and shower curtain

While these coverings are obviously primarily aimed at protecting your privacy in the bathroom, you should be careful not to overlook the scope for visual customisation here, too.

Curtains, blinds and shutters can all be swapped out on windows – and if you often use a shower with its own curtain, you might want to replace the latter. It might have taken a fair bit of wear and tear anyway, and a new curtain could come in a design that looks more distinctly 2019.

Look at the little things – accessories, we mean

Your bathroom is probably packed with vital tools and supplies – and for those, you are likely to rely on a wide array of accessories. Have you left the translucent holder for your toothbrushes untouched for too long? Consider replacing it with a more metallic, futuristic-looking container.

You might be able to source accessories that are similarly shiny for dispensing liquid soap, or if you also have soap in bar form, leaving it on attractive display.

Make your bathroom feel more like a spa

You can probably recall soothing occasions of sinking into a hot bath with subtle candlelight around you. Recreating the spa-like feel in your bathroom can be surprisingly easy; why not strategically place a few candles, in various colours and scents, around your bath?

Choose those colours and scents carefully, however; it would be ideal for them to complement the overall theme you are already developing in your bathroom. Candles are offered in delightfully quirky scents these days, which is a good incentive to be adventurous with your choices!