Bathroom decor: How to make a big impression in a small space

Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2019

If your bathroom is particularly small, you could understandably often feel cramped when trying to wash yourself for brush your teeth there in the morning or evening. The space could look rather bland, too, but you could beautify it – and free up space, even just discernibly – with the right decor.

Knowing what you should put in a bathroom also entails knowing what you ought to leave out of it – and, for that reason, it would be worth initiating a clear-out of that bathroom first…

Discard unessential toiletries and equipment

Which soaps and shampoos currently stocked up in your bathroom do you actually use? Now is a good time to remind yourself – as, in removing those toiletries that never see use, you can be rewarded with amazingly generous space on shelves and in cabinets, says Architectural Digest.

Resist stopping the clear-out there, however, as even your toilet brush and its holder could be moved to beneath the kitchen sink or into a cupboard until that equipment is truly needed.

Accessorise in a trendy theme

Is there a particular theme to which you would like to adhere for your bathroom’s look? If so, you could keep that theme in mind as you choose lights, mirrors and other accessories for your bathroom. Currently trendy themes cited by Ideal Home include coastal, floral and monochrome.

Especially appealing about this approach is the relative lack of expenditure it requires; not to mention, you can easily swap out those accessories as trends and your own tastes change.

Buy versatile storage and seating

Whereas fitted bathroom units would have to be left in the bathroom when you decide to move out of the house, you would be free to take away freestanding storage and seating units you have bought yourself. You might even find that some pieces of bathroom furniture can do double duty.

Consider being quirky with your choices; for example, tiered wired storage can display luxuriously packaged lotions and wash bags in a way that makes them easy to pick up as they are needed.

It will be all light on the white

You are probably accustomed to being advised that a white colour scheme can help light to bounce around a room and so make it look bigger. This tip applies with bathrooms, too; your own bathroom might already have plenty of white elements, making accentuating those straightforward.

For example, you could add plush textured towels to go with the room’s glossy white wall tiles, but consider adding the occasional touch of colour to prevent the space from looking overly stark.

Let in even more light with a clear shower curtain

If you have a shower covered by a curtain so visually solid and elaborately-designed that it would look just as suitable on your windows, swap that shower curtain for a clear one, The Spruce advises.

In following that tip, you can allow more light to get through to your shower unit and so further help to increase the overall room’s perceived size.