Bring the outdoors in: unique ways to add greenery to your home

Posted on Thursday, October 5th, 2017

Terrariums entice

Take a leaf out of the Victorian’s book and introduce a terrarium into your home. The terrarium for those not in the know is much like a miniature glasshouse designed for the home, containing soil and plants.

Though you’ll see a plethora of designs, there was a marked fashion for terrariums that mimicked houses and conservatories, and their rarified conditions provide the perfect vehicle to introduce greenery into your home. So you can have a lush display of ferns and other foliage all year round.

In fact, terrariums have made quite an impact on interior design collections in recent years, with many glass ornaments available on the high street which show their influence – though most of these won’t be plant worthy. However, look online, and you’ll find a wide range from which to choose.        

Bulbs break the gloom

Bring the outdoors indoors by forcing bulbs for a spectacular winter display.

September is the perfect time to plant bulbs including Narcissus ‘Paper White’ for a stunning Christmas display, while Hyacinths need planting between late September and mid-October depending on the cultivar.

So prepare now to enjoy spring bulbs over the festive season and have a few spare to give as gifts to friends and family. Just follow the RHS tips on their website, and the mid winter need not be bleak in your home.

Branch beautiful

Place branches and twigs full of greenery and seasonal blooms in a large vase to create a stunning focal point in your home. As we move through the seasons, classic evergreen shrubs strike a subtle, stylish note, but also look out for winter flowering shrubs such as the fiery Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’  or the pastel hued Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’. Be sure to cut any stems sparingly or if you don’t have any winter flowering shrubs in your garden, look around for some of the very credible artificial pretenders available.  

Potty about plants

The humble pot plant gets a rough rap and often goes unappreciated, but with a little tlc, they provide the perfect way to bring greenery into your home throughout the year. Cyclamen persicum is a great choice for the final months of the year. However, if you want a plant that will make more of an impact opt for a weeping fig (Ficus bejamina) or Jasminum polyanthum for a long flowering, scented climbing plant.

“Greenery” – the colour of 2017

A quite different way to introduce “greenery” into your home is to incorporate it into your interior design scheme, for it is Pantone’s colour of 2017. As summer moves into autumn greenery’s popularity shows no sign of waning; so include this fetching hue in your design schemes. Scatter cushion and cosy throws, as well as a few potted plants placed around your home,  could be the way to go about it.

So as you can see, there are lots of ways you can bring greenery into your home this autumn and winter.