Can You Save Money On Your Home Improvements?

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2020

Adding a splash of personality to your home is a right of passage for all home-owners. It is what turns your house into a home! But when does your investment lose its return?

Unfortunately, some home improvements are money pits. This is called ‘over-improving’ your home, where your addition doesn’t add the same return that you had hoped. You don’t need to spend the big bucks to get the desired look for your home, and here’s how to achieve your brand new home on a budget.

Start Small

Going to the extremes when it is not necessary is only going to affect your bank account. First things first, you need to get an outside opinion. Look for advice from a professional, like an estate agent, to determine whether your development could surpass the street value!

You need to be thinking smaller rather than bigger. Are there small adjustments you could make that would change the look of each room? Will a lighter colour scheme make the room look bigger? Does the living room need a tiny make-over? These are the things you need to be asking yourself before you get out the sledgehammers.

Know Your Budget

Everyone has their limit. Before you get started on your project, sit down and think about how much you’re able to spend. You even want to think about different ways to cut the costs before you start so you give yourself ample time to do some research!

With any project, it is easy to accidentally cross the budget line. Know what you can spend before things get completely out of hand!

To DIY or not to DIY

One great way of cutting costs is to get your gloves on and get involved with the work! Although some tasks should be left to the professionals, that is not to say that you cannot do other things yourself.

For example, tasks like painting, sanding, and grouting are easily done and can help you cut costs efficiently. If you need some extra hands, get your family and friends to pitch in and help! I am sure they will be happy with a nice meal at the end of all that hard work rather than a hefty pay-out.


Save, Save, Save! 


What better way to save some money than to wait for those all-important sales events! That is right, we are talking about your Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, and January sales. When you look for bigger appliances and services around the cheaper months, you are going to save yourself a lot of dough in the long-run!

An appliance is still an appliance if bought in a sale. It is just cheaper! What is not to love, eh?

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