Cost-effective ways to update your master bedroom

Posted on Monday, June 14th, 2021

The fifth wall:


A quick and easy way to bring some colour and life to your bedroom is to focus on the often overlooked ‘fifth wall’, the ceiling. Painting the ceiling a colour different to the rest of your other walls will being a splash of colour to your room and can transform the mood of a room in an instant.


A creative headboard:


The headboard is often overlooked when redecorating a bedroom and is often treated as an afterthought. Being creative with your headboard is another great cost-effective way to bring vibrancy to your bedroom. If you’re struggling for ideas, then a quick google search can help with thousands of idea examples online.


Add some frames:


Using your wall space creatively is another simple way to bring energy to your room, and by using matching frames to showcase photographs, mementos and other memories you will not only showcase your personality but also bring more life to the space.