Creating the perfect home workspace.

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2020

Invest in comfort:


Investing in a comfortable chair can lead to a dramatic increase in your productivity whilst also easing any back pains. Most home furniture is not designed to be sat in for long periods of time and seen as though you’re going to be working from home for at least a month, making an early investment in comfort will make a huge difference.


Add some green plants:


Adding some greenery to your workspace will noy only bring colour to the room but will also improve your general mood, reduce stress and increase your happiness. The length of benefits does not end there- with some studies suggesting that working near plants can actually increase productivity- and for the relatively small outlay that it costs, there are not many more cost-effective ways to improve your workspace.


Clear the clutter:


Clearing clutter in your designated workspace sounds obvious, but not enough people spend the time to truly make their space work ready. Some basic wire management (invest in some zip ties…) declutters your computer space and clearing any extra paperwork or ornaments will provide a better space for thinking and producing your best work.