Creative ways to convert your shed

Posted on Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

Paint inside and out:


Giving your shed a lick of paint both inside or out, is the simplest and easiest way to immediately breathing new life into the space. Even if you’re spending some time thinking about how best to utilise the space, giving it a lick of new paint in the meantime will get the work underway whilst you work out the rest of your plan.


Install betting lighting:


Once the paint has dried, the next thing to think about is whether your shed space has appropriate lighting to fit your needs. If maybe worth considering installing more windows or bigger windows but there are also plenty of more affordable ways to improve your lighting. Installing both overhead lights and lamps to illuminate your hobby space are cost effective ways to bring more light.


Changing the storage space:


Many sheds are currently used as storage space for an assortment of items that you probably rarely use. Organising this paraphernalia and getting rid of all the stuff you don’t need will completely open your space up and allow you to create the hobby space of your dreams.