Decorating dilemma: DIY or hire a pro?

Posted on Friday, August 3rd, 2018

As you move into a new home, you might quickly spot many parts of it which, let us just say, could do with a fair bit of work. However, who will provide that work?

You might be tempted to try the DIY route, especially given the carrot that could be hundreds of pounds in savings. However, messing up could require you to spend money on services of a professional anyway. Does this mean that you should turn to a pro right from the start?

Even complete beginners can handle simple DIY projects

Take heart if you are considering a small project, like adding or rearranging lamps; you might find it well within your ability and, of course, associated savings well within your reach.

Today’s Homeowner says that even fitting a tile backsplash can fall into the DIY bracket. Still, whatever your level of DIY expertise, be careful to approach any project with suitable caution.

Leave any large and risky project to professionals

Some decorating endeavours just are not DIY territory – and examples include those that would run the risk of flooding a basement or shorting out a circuit. As a basic rule, if plumbing, electrical or demolition work will be involved, hire a professional.

If you fail to heed this advice and go it alone anyway, you could not only inadvertently injure yourself but even send your roof tumbling down, Real Simple warns.

Carefully measure how much free time you would need

Of course, the amount of time necessary to complete a home improvement project will depend on the nature of the project itself. In any case, it is worth overestimating when calculating that time.

Once the figure is at your disposal, the next fundamental question you would need to ask is: are you willing to deplete this much time to get the financial savings on offer?

Consider how DIY could put your relationships to the test

Even if you are currently feeling rather adventurous and, therefore, in the mood for DIY, would every other member of the household be happy with your decision?

If your partner is the impatient type, they might not react generously to coming home from work only to realise that you have seriously damaged the ceiling through attempting to install a new toilet. A professional’s price might be worth paying to avoid the risk of needing couples counselling…

This is one situation where “better safe than sorry” can be a particularly wise mantra to adopt.