DIY and decorating tasks during lockdown:

Posted on Friday, November 20th, 2020

Warming Up:

A great place to start during winter home improvements is to make sure that your home is cosy and maintaining heat. Whilst many feel keeping your home warm is a costly job, there are a few quick and simple tricks to help on a budget. Begin by checking external windows and doors for draughts and add draught excluder or insulating tape to any areas you find any problems.

Have a clear-out:

Whilst it’s not quite a ‘spring clean’, de-cluttering your home in the winter months can provide great peace of mind and lead to you entering the New Year refreshed and motivated. A winter lockdown is the perfect time to look back on the items you have accumulated over the year and work out what you really need in your life going forward.

A time to fix:

The winter lockdown is a great time to fix any broken items or small jobs that you have been putting off throughout the year. That way once lockdown is over everything will be in fully working order and you can approach the New Year with everything the way you want.