Essential space-saving tips to make the most of a cosy kitchen

Posted on Friday, September 27th, 2019

If you are accustomed to using a small kitchen, you could have come to find its size endearingly cosy, but also easily frustrating when you want to prepare food. After all, mess can accumulate in that space surprisingly quickly, while you could often struggle to even find space for your elbows.

Reassuringly, though, freeing up space in a minuscule kitchen is easy once you know how.

Lacking cupboard space? Stylishly display surplus items

If you often find yourself needing to cram tools and utensils into already heaving cupboards, you could simply leave those extra items on open display – but remember to apply a stylish touch. For example, you could mix up the metallic tones of pots and pans to delightfully eclectic effect.

Add containers of dry food to that display

Do you have clear food storage containers at hand? If so, you could pour food into them before leaving them on the countertop. Foods that you could store in this way include pasta, rice, spices and biscuits. Experiment with how these are arranged to leave a colourful look.

Clear the clutter as far as practically possible

One strong advantage of the previous tip is that items can be displayed in a way that looks artistic rather than like clutter. Indeed, lovePROPERTY advises that you minimise clutter to make your kitchen feel larger– so if you can, “make sure everything has a home out of view”.

Move the washing machine somewhere else

The kitchen might be the traditional place for the washing machine, but it would be a mistake to leave yours there simply out of tradition. Alternative places in the home for a washing machine include the garage and even a cupboard hidden in the hallway, while our European neighbours often opt to keep their washing machine in the bathroom, where clothes tend to be removed.

Let there be white – as much as possible

If clutter often makes a kitchen feel smaller, a white colour scheme can have the opposite effect. For this reason, you might favour choosing white for your kitchen cupboards, shelves and worktops.

However, if you fear that white aspects could leave the space looking overly like a dentist’s waiting room, you could always break them up with monochrome pendant lights and warm wood panels.

Set aside windowsill space for your plants

Finding ideal space for your indoor plants can be tricky, but that very space you covet could be a deep windowsill in your kitchen. You should make sure this space is well-lit before adding a herb garden or spring bulbs to it and then keep them appropriately hydrated.

Routinely rinse and reuse tools and utensils

Have you ever bought a new measuring cup, cutting board or tasting spoon, only to realise you already have more than one at home? It can all add up to a time-draining nightmare at cleaning time, so you should consider acting on The Kitchn‘s advice that you rinse and reuse items you have already retrieved from the cupboard, rather than reach for new items.