Fall back into Autumn – ideas to get your home ready for the new season

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

As we say a fond farewell to the last of the summer sun, and the trees prepare to don their cloaks of ruby red and gold, it is time to accept that Autumn is truly on its way. The change in temperature brings a change in lifestyle and a change in your home’s needs. But do not worry – there is no need to fret! We have the perfect guide to making sure you and your home are prepared for the season ahead.


Check for drafts 

Feel around windows and doors for drafts, and if necessary replace seals and repair caulking around door and window frames. There is also an extensive range of creative draft excluders available to buy, some which are decorated with beautiful patterns and some that even take the shape of your favourite animals.

Go through your medicine cabinet and your food cupboard

Make sure you get rid of any expired medication. These can be taken to any pharmacist to ensure that they are properly disposed of.

Also check through your food cupboard dispose of any forgotten items that have reached their expiry dates.

Store seasonal furniture 

Sometimes it is easy to forget about summer garden furniture, such as decks chairs and tables. Make sure you clean these items, remove and wash any cushions, and store them in a dry place such as a shed or garage.

Organise the shed

It is a great time to clean out your shed and organise its contents. Move summer items to the back of the shed and winter items to the front for easier access.

Fall clean

You may have heard of a spring clean, but why reserve it only for spring? Just as a spring clean marks the transition between the cooler months and the warmer months, a fall clean can mark the reverse. Throw out all of those clothes lurking at the back of the wardrobe that no longer fit and sit back and bask in the glory of uncluttered rails.