Family-friendly decorating tips you did not know until now

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018

You might have a family, but that should not stop you from achieving your interior design dream. For that reason, we have come up with some tips for you to bear in mind next time it is time to decorate.

Frame your children’s doodles

If you have a young, modern family, there is no way to better reflect that than by giving your children’s doodles and drawings the artist treatment they deserve. Invest in some frames that work well with the rest of your interior and show off the work of your mini Picassos.

Use an outdoor rug indoors

Who said that outdoor rugs need to stay on your decking? Not only are they incredibly easy to clean, but they are better suited to high-traffic. That means you can say goodbye to the fear of muddy footprints up and down your hallway. A durable outdoor rug is also a great idea for those that have pets.

Keep it open plan

Rather than filling your home with large items of furniture, try to keep your spaces as open plan as possible so that you can easily accommodate the whole family. An open plan home encourages everyone to mingle rather than spending time in separate rooms, promotes natural light and can also give you a better connection to your outdoor space.

Turn books into works of art

Whether it is in your children’s rooms or your living room, displaying their favourite books as works of art will not only look good but encourage them to read more. Set up some shelves in a cosy nook where you can give them the chance to curate their own art gallery around what they are into at the time. 

Stick to durable materials

Those with young children know how frustrating it can be when mucky fingerprints manage to make their way onto a silk throw. Until they are a little older, forego these materials and opt for soft furnishings in more durable materials such as faux leather and darker colours that will not show any accidental spills as much. 

Add more storage

Growing families are always in need of space to store things so invest in some basic free-standing units that can store books and craft materials as well as some baskets that can easily store any toys that they leave lying around. These days, there are plenty of modern storage units that have been designed with families in mind.