Home cleaning hacks you didn’t know existed

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

It’ll soon be time for your home’s spring clean, and that’s why we’ve compiled this list of cleaning hacks that will help you get through it a lot quicker and more efficiently than you ever have before.

Dryer sheets have more than one use  

Once you’ve used them in the dryer, dryer sheets can actually be used around your home for buffing water spots from mirrors and metallic fixtures, wiping your baseboards clean, pick up pet hair, and get rid of dust from electrical appliances. So next time you’re thinking about throwing them away, it might be worth collecting them to be used again.

Vinegar gets rid of hard water spots 

Hard water spots on your faucets and metallic fixtures can be a huge pain. To get rid of them, soak a dishcloth in a mixture of vinegar and water before placing it around the fixture and leaving for around an hour. After this time, use an old toothbrush to give it a good scrub before rinsing it away with water and drying with a clean, dry towel.

Salt removes fabric stains 

Difficult stains on fabrics are extremely common so to combat these, simply pour some salt over the problem area and leave for 30 minutes. After that, wash the fabric with warm soapy water, and you should find that the stain has vanished, or at least disappeared enough for the washing machine to do the rest of the work.

Speed up your clothes dryer 

This is a great tip for those times that you’ve got too much laundry even to comprehend. Throwing in a dry towel will help soak up any of the excess moisture that might be preventing your clothes from drying as fast as they can. If you’re worried about fuzz from the towels affecting your clothes, this can be easily prevented by turning them inside out.

Kill bacteria on your sponges 

Bacteria can quickly and easily build up on your sponges, especially ones that you use every day. To clean them, put them in the microwave for 30 seconds and any bacteria will be removed. Remember that they’ll still be hot so you’ll want to wait a while before you take them out.

Remove fingerprints from stainless steel 

Much like hard water spots on your faucets, dirty fingerprints on stainless steel can be a hassle. Don’t worry, to make them shine again all you need is a microfiber cloth and a few drops of rubbing alcohol or olive oil.

Get rid of shower and bath scum 

Showers and baths can quickly witness a buildup of soap scum, but there’s an easy way to remove it. Fill a dish wand with a mixture of dish soap and vinegar before scrubbing the grime away. Your old toothbrush might also come in handy for the nooks and crannies that the dish wand can’t manage.