Home office design ideas that will make you swoon

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018

Working from home is becoming even more common which is why more people are looking for interesting and modern design ideas for their new work space. Creating a home office does not necessarily mean that you have to spend time erecting extra walls, it is about utilising the space you have so that you can create a charming and practical work area. 

Here are some of our favourite home office ideas that will allow you to do just that.

Be BOLD with colours

Boring office beige no longer needs to be the standard colour. After all, you want your workspace to reflect who you are and one that gets your mind buzzing with ideas. Unsurprisingly, colours can affect your mood so in that case, most people like to opt for a bright, cheery colour like orange or yellow. Others may wish to keep it calm with shades of blue or green. 

Give yourself a better view

Instead of staring at a blank wall, move your desk so that it faces the window. This way, every time you glance up, you will be greeted with the outdoors. For a lot of people, this prompts them to work harder. However, if this does not sound like you, you should still be aware of how much natural light is entering the room. Natural light improves your mood, and in turn, it has been found that it can greatly help to increase your productivity at work.

Organise vertically and horizontally

The majority of home offices do not offer a great deal of square footage, so it is a good idea to be mindful of how you are storing your files, books and stationery. Floating shelves hung on walls can help to keep things from piling on your desk, or if you do not want shelves, then wooden cube storage can be a good alternative for loose knickknacks.

Make it multi-purpose

It is essential that your workspace should suit your lifestyle and that can sometimes be difficult when you have a small space or a growing family. That is why turning your home office into a multi-purpose space is a good idea so that you do not have to sacrifice an entire room in your home. Investing in something like plant dividers can be a modern alternative to the hassle of erecting temporary walls, a project that you are probably unable to do in a rented property.

Layer your lighting

A desk lamp might a given, but these days it is good to think outside the box. Being creative with your lighting can give your home office that extra wow factor that will make you want to spend time in your office rather than dreading it.  We have explained the importance of natural light, but that does not mean you cannot illuminate the room with a soft glow at night.