How to Get Rid of Unfortunate Pet Odours

Posted on Friday, March 27th, 2020

New year, new chore list, am I right? It is completely normal to want to get your home spick and span before summer hits and there’s no better place to start than concentrating on your furry friends. Or, more specifically, their unwelcome smells!

But, that awful dog smell is completely avoidable and can be easily wiped away by following a few simple cleaning steps.

Clean Their Beds Regularly

Washing your pals bed can put you one step closer toward an odour-free home. Although your dog’s bed needs their scent so they feel safe, it wouldn’t be totally out of the question to wash their beds every couple of weeks.

Even a casual hoover every now and then will help you keep unwanted smells at bay!


Keep Your Floors Clean

Pets can track all sorts of muck and dirt into your home. Whether it be dust, fur mud or even urine, it needs to be taken care of regularly. If you have hard floors, you should be giving them a regular mop.

Your carpets should be getting equal amounts of attention, too. Carpets harbour all sorts of dirt and can be considerably harder to clean than hard floors. Get a carpet cleaning machine and go to town on your carpets to get rid of any settled odours!

Cover Up Snooze Areas

Other than their beds, your pet is bound to have a favourite snooze spot. It could be the sofa, a dining chair or your bed… so, anywhere, basically. To combat pet smells, place a throw blanket or pillow down where they love to sleep and make sure you wash it weekly to keep smells at bay.

This way, you’re saving the fabric of your sofas and chairs by sacrificing a throw or pillow instead.

Air It Out

Keep your windows and doors open as often as possible to let the stuffy air escape and let the air circulate each room. Combine this with a regular puff of pet-friendly air freshener and you’re on to a winner!

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