How to have an effective outdoor workout

Posted on Friday, March 5th, 2021

Go Early:


With many people working from home or still being on furlough, most public pathways and walking routes are busy for the majority of the day with people taking the opportunity to get their daily exercise or to enjoy the warmer weather. If you’re going for a run or cycle, getting up and going early will not only mean you avoid the crowds but will also get your day off to a flying start and set you up perfectly for the day ahead.


Local Park Equipment:


Scope out the local parks as many now have areas that provide free to use equipment. If running or cycling isn’t for you, these basic work-out spaces provide alternative equipment that you can use to get a sweat on whilst you’re waiting for the gyms to re-open.


Hill and Steps are your friend:


If you’re already in pretty good shape and you’re looking to test yourself, running up hills or steps are a quick work-out that is guaranteed to push you and put you through your spaces whilst still enjoying the great outdoors.