How to inject some personality into your property

Posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

Property investment may be one of the biggest responsibilities that you take on in your lifetime, but it also presents plenty of opportunities to really make the property in question feel like your own – or at least, unlike any other property out there.

Here are just a few ways to give your property a bit more personality.

Introduce some appealing artwork

What could possibly scream “individuality” more than artwork?

Nor do you need deep enough pockets to afford a Damien Hirst, as there are options for every budget – ranging from canvas prints showing a stunning landscape, right through to original oil paintings and sculptures.

If you’re on an especially tight budget when it comes to artwork, why not tour the university degree shows near you? There are always students and graduates out there who will appreciate making their first sale.

Use colour judiciously 

So many things can go wrong with the use of colour in a property, but of course, so many things can also go right.

You certainly don’t need to use overly garish shades to inject some personality into your property – why not a pleasing contrast of white walls and brightly coloured accessories, for example?

The likes of cushions, rugs and cabinets, when in tasteful and well-coordinated colours, can make all of the difference to your property’s overall look.

Restore old furniture

The emergence of the ‘shabby chic’ trend in recent years should go a long way to telling you how much people love careworn items, so if you’ve got some old chairs or even a dressing table that’s looking a bit battered and rustic, why not give it pride of place in your property? 

You could tour the sales rooms, car boot sales or flea markets for some great pre-loved items, or get out a pot of matt finish furniture paint to give that old coffee table or dresser the new lease of life it deserves.

Replace the lighting

The quality of light – both real and artificial – makes a big difference to your property’s character and mood, so why not invest in a statement chandelier as the main ceiling light in the living room, or floor and table lights to help mark out different areas of another room? 

Switch things up with the lamp shades and bases that you use to create a sense of your property truly being your own.

Give the garden a bit of TLC

The outside of your property can be just as important as the inside when it comes to creating a sense of individuality.

Nor do you have to go as far as investing in loads of trees and border plants or employing a full-time gardener – just a couple of well-chosen plant pots and large containers could make a big impact.

What about also adding some garden furniture, complete with outdoor cushions to make your garden a highly alluring spot for a barbeque?

From the curtains and kitchenware to the wallpaper and even those smaller touches such as the door and cupboard handles, there are so many areas of your property that you can experiment with to inject some of your own style and personality. Have fun…