How To Make the Most of a Narrow Kitchen

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2020

A narrow kitchen can be any home-owners nightmare. Galley kitchens are especially undesired, as we all love to have as much space as possible when we cook. However, if you happen to have a narrow kitchen, they can be highly useful when utilised properly!

If you’re in desperate need of some storage-saving tips and tricks, you’ve come to the right place.

Savvy Storage Solutions

Narrow kitchens bring up the age-old dilemma – cupboard space… Or lack of! It could become incredibly frustrating when all your kitchenware falls out of every cupboard like a badly-played game of Jenga each time you try to find your colander.

Instead of battling this every day, it’s time to be creative! Regardless of the cupboard, there’s a solution for everything. Small versions of lazy susans could be utilised for spices and condiments, as well as kitchen organisers for plates and cutlery. Downsizing your collection in your next spring clean will also help maintain structure and storage optimisation in your process.

Tops of Cabinets

It might seem obvious, but utilising the tops of your cabinets is the perfect space-saving option. You can place big and bulky kitchen gadgets up there that you never use and even some tupperware if you’ve run out of space in your actual cupboards!


If not, you could use the space as extra storage for your ever-growing wine collection or even place some baskets up there to achieve the organised aesthetic. This will then help you later on when trying to find different objects in your kitchen!

Think About Your Decor

If it’s space that you desperately crave, then decor can help you achieve the appearance of a bigger space. If you feel that your kitchen is lacking in space and light, maybe changing the colour of the walls will help. This will create the illusion of light and brighten the place up! Especially if you pick a lighter colour or white shades.

Giving your kitchen an all-over revamp will definitely help make the place feel different and more exciting. Place new paintings or prints on the walls that you like, maybe even a macrame hanging. Surround yourself with different textures and colours and you’ll feel a lot more comfortable in your space.

Make The Most Of Wall Space

When it comes to wall storage, nothing beats IKEA’s Grundtal series. With organisational poles, hooks, shelves and pots, you’re truly spoilt for choice. These stainless steel pieces help save space in the kitchen, making it easier to navigate and easier to find different things.

The use of shelves is also a great space-saver and is highly on-trend at the moment. You can style these out with clear food jars and plants to brighten up the room.

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