How to make your property attractive to potential tenants

Posted on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Want to know how to make your property attractive to tenants? We’ve put together a handy guide to help you, so read on to find out how: 

Depersonalise it

First and foremost depersonalise your property. Make it bland, so that no one would know who owns it. Take away all personal items like photographs and all your personal clutter. It might mean something to you – but it won’t do so to anyone else. Declutter and depersonalise your property, and you’ll make it more attractive to tenants.

New furniture

If you’re renting out your property furnished, stage each room appropriately e.g. dining furniture in the dining room, but only leave furniture that is needed, take away the rest. Remember there are certain standards your furniture must meet if you are renting out your property to tenants. As the landlord, it is your responsibility to see that these standards are met. An old sofa full of man-made foam is not likely to meet the fire regulations and will be deeply unattractive to tenants too. So invest in new furniture you can confirm meets the required standards.   

Spring Clean

Ensure your property is spick, span and sparkling clean. It sounds simple, but it’s the most important element to making your property more attractive to tenants. Leave the dust, grime and dirt and your property will seem uncared for and unattractive. Who’d want to rent a property in which there is hair in the plug hole, grime on the bath or mould on the grouting. Ooh, make sure you’ve cleaned it all away.  If you leave small, visible jobs unattended, your potential tenants may worry you’ve left larger maintenance jobs undone too.   

A fresh lick of paint

It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint will do to make a property seem more attractive to tenants. Choose neutral colours that aren’t likely to provoke strong feelings. White or cream are best, as they’ll look clean and fresh, plus they’ll maximise the sense of light and space in your property too.   

Up-to-date appliances

Ensure all of the household appliances are shipshape, safe and in good working order.  Check that all of the services for your household appliances are up to date and that you have the records to prove it. Laundry facilities are particularly important and will make your property more appealing to tenants. No one wants to spend their Sunday afternoon at the local launderette, in fact finding one that’s open outside of normal retail hours can be tricky these days – so at the very least, install a washing machine if you haven’t already. 

Good storage

Good storage is essential to making your property attractive to tenants. If you’ve been living in the property you’re planning to rent out, then ensure you empty out all of the storage space such as your garage, shed or loft. Fit some built in storage, if you haven’t already. Tenants are not going to want to shell out for furniture that they may not be able to keep if they move on.     

There you have it, our top tips for making your property more attractive to tenants.