Interior design tips to create the perfect ‘man cave’

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018

Ah, yes – the ‘man cave’. An ideal space to which, as a man, you can retreat on those occasions when you would like to escape the hectic feel of everyday life and… well, enjoy typical manly pursuits.

We will leave it up to you exactly what “manly pursuits” you enjoy in your own man cave. Indeed, that is key to the appeal of one; you can make a man cave very much your space in both appearance and function. So, how can you design the interior in a way that satisfies your tastes?

Draw up a detailed design plan

Creating the man cave of your dreams might call for a huge amount of home improvement work. Hence, there can be too much scope for slip-ups if you do not meticulously plan the project far in advance of getting underway with the DIY work proper.

As advised in this Men’s Health article, you should precisely measure walls of a room to be transformed. Then, on graph paper, sketch the room’s layout to let yourself spot errors in your plan.

Suitably equip yourself for the DIY work

For the majority of tasks necessary for making that man cave in a hands-on manner, the standard tools of a wrench, screwdriver, hammer and cordless drill will suffice. Besides, you probably already have all of those in your toolbox; however, what if you will be cutting drywall?

In this situation, you should probably pick up a circular saw or, if you will be doing crown moulding or cabinet work, a mitre saw – though buying one will be relatively financially costly.

You want your, you want your, you want your big TV

Few things can induce envy in your mates quite like the sight of a stunning HD flat screen TV in your man cave. Ideally, you would install as large a screen as the room can accommodate; however, the TV’s size, rather than setup, could ultimately prove more significant.

You could even have that TV built into the wall – perhaps taking inspiration from this man cave highlighted by Ideal Home. Here, painted battens form a feature wall that frames the TV set.

Make the seating super-comfortable

Leather is a sound choice of material for seating in your man cave. This is because leather chairs and sofas can look high-end while remaining easy to maintain. Nonetheless, that same material can become uncomfortably sweaty during summer and too cold when the winter temperatures arrive.

Hence, you might want to opt for cloth upholstery, which can also be easily maintained while still offering abundant cushioning.

Give the man cave its own bar

Imagine being able to enjoy the atmosphere of drinking at a bar with your mates, but without even needing to leave the house. You can make that a reality by building a bar like the one in this man cave pictured on the HGTV site.