Inventive Ways to Keep Your Home Cool For The Summer

Posted on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Shut your curtains

It might seem counterintuitive – but do shut your curtains during the hottest part of the day, especially in any south facing rooms, it will help keep them cooler this summer.  

Allow for airflow

Wherever possible, let the air flow freely to help keep your home cool this summer. It’s particularly beneficial if you can keep your windows open at night so that you can make the most of the coolest temperatures.

If you’re lucky enough to have sash windows, then open them at the top and bottom to create a steady flow of air.  If you don’t, and you’re happy security wise, then open a few windows at the top of your house (letting the hot air out) and some at the bottom, allowing the cool air into your home. Just remember to close them all up before you head out in the morning.   

Switch off

Remember your lights, cookers and other appliances will add heat to your home, so switch off to keep cool and save energy too. Also, avoid creating too much steam in your kitchen (or bathroom) too, as this will only add to the humidity in your home. When it comes to cooking, salads are your friend; they’ll keep you cool with their high water content and stop you creating too much steam or heat in the kitchen.   

Swap your bedding

Swap your snug duvet for an old fashioned cotton sheet; natural fibres are breathable, so you’ll remain coolest with cotton, rather than other fabrics.

Create shade

Keep cool by creating shade in your garden, either by popping up a temporary measure such as a garden parasol or by the planting shrubs and trees that will provide you with dappled shade.  Just remember to check the suitability of trees or shrubs for planting close to your home, get expert advice if you’re not sure. Alternatively, install a garden arch complete with bench, so you can grow your favourite climbers (like roses or honeysuckle) up the structure, then sit down and enjoy their scent (and shade).  


Yes, running an electric fan will use up some energy, but they are more cost effective and efficient than running air conditioning units. Also, don’t discount the old-fashioned paper sort; it’s amazing what relief they’ll give on a hot day.


If you’re looking for more permanent solutions, then consider installing ceiling fans, or even redecorate the exterior of your home in light reflecting white.

So there you have a few ideas for keeping your home cool this summer, from temporary to more permanent solutions, inside and out of your home. We hope you have a chance to sit down, relax and enjoy the summer this year in your cooler home.