Keeping your Pet comfortable during storms or fireworks

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2020

Create a comfortable space to retreat to:

As a storm hits it is important that your pet has a safe place that they know they can retreat to. Take a comfortable blanket and some of their favourite toys and place them in a spot that they will feel safe. This could be under a bed or in a small internal room that has no windows such as under the stairs or a utility cupboard.

Nullify the storm:

You can also help your pet by trying your best to nullify the impact of the storm. You can do this by closing the curtains so they do not see the storm flashes or by playing music to drown out any noise. YouTube offers a list of playlists with music specially designed to help in this situation and by stopping your pet from seeing or hearing the storm, you can make them feel a lot more comfortable.

Keep them company:

It is likely that your pet does not truly understand what’s going on and by seeing you being comfortable it is likely that they will soon realise everything is OK. Sit close to your pet and keep them comfortable, and your calmness should rub off on until the storm passes.