Let there be light – how to maximise brightness in your home

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2018

As winter draws ever closer, it is time to say goodbye to bright, warm summer evenings and to embrace the darkness that seems to descend from around 5pm onwards. A lack of light can negatively impact our daily wellbeing, influencing mood, behaviour and physical health.  Indeed, a dark house can be gloomy and depressing… but do not worry! Its time to start thinking of ways you can bring the brightness of summer back to your winter abode. We are here to help by giving you some food for thought:

Light, neutral colours

The lighter the colour of your walls, the more light they will reflect and the brighter they will make your room appear. Choosing white or light coloured furniture rather than dark wood will also help to brighten a room.

Use reflective materials 

Mirrors are the most obvious choice. If you place your mirror opposite your window, you will automatically double the amount of light in your room. This rule also extends to your furniture. Translucent furniture, acrylic accents and mirrored surfaces such as reflective coffee tables help to brighten a room by reflecting light.

Change your curtains 

Thick, heavy curtains will instantly make your room appear more gloomy and dark, as they block out any light coming into the room. Opt for sheer, light coloured curtains to maximise light, or better yet, have blinds installed.

Remove outdoor trees or bushes

Just as heavy curtains can block out light, trees and shrubbery can obstruct your windows and make your rooms dark. Trim your trees and bushes or remove them altogether to maximise brightness.

Rethink your flooring 

If you currently have dark wood flooring, it can make your room look much smaller. Think about using a lighter wood or carpet if it’s a bedroom, or pale tiles on a kitchen floor.


Make sure to keep windows, bulbs and fixtures clean in order to maximise your existing light. An overall clean of your living spaces will also help the place look less dull and grimy, and more sparkly and light.

Consider adding more lamps

There should be at least three sources of light in every room: an overhead light, a table lamp and ambient lighting such as candles or sconces.