Looking ahead to 2019: The biggest interior trends for next year

Posted on Thursday, January 10th, 2019

Naturally, the first day of the New Year always feels like a New Start. Despite this being rather arbitrary, we always feel that the New Year is a good time to make a change or start something afresh. Whether that is a gym membership you will never use or a diet you have no intentions to stick to, it is a useful time of the year for good intentions. Maybe in the New Year, you are thinking of how to change your interior design in a way that will bring a fresh light into your living room. Once you have taken your Christmas tree down and you are wondering what to do about your interior design, look no further. We have put together this to show you what’s in for 2019. Read on to find out more.

Patterns – be bold, be bright, be daring!

2019 is all about the patterns. Well, not all about the patterns, but they sure are something to think about when it comes to interior design in the new year. 2019 will be all about thinking outside of the box and trying to decide which crazy patterns will look good in your living room. For the past few years, those dark, dull colours have been in. From simple browns to majestic mauves, living rooms were adorned with these colours. Well, not anymore. Be bright and colourful in 2019 and feel the benefit! Choosing out-there patterns will ultimately put a unique touch on your home and really showcase your talent for style. Go on, brighten up your home before you have even switched the lights on!

Nice and comfy!

According to many interior designers, one of the most sought-after styles for 2019 is a rather simple one. It sounds obvious, but in 2019 what most people want above all else is comfort. We are not talking about that dowdy housewife comfort that Hilda Ogden’s home exuded in the 70s, we are talking about genuinely elegant comfort. In keeping with the bright colours theme, you can achieve comfort and style simultaneously simply by choosing colours that are warm and give off natural, emotional comfort vibes.

Flex your textures!

Textures are back for 2019. Because of the sheer variety of textures, it helps with the themes of boldness and individuality for the New Year. Because emotional comfort is what many are looking for, choosing textures that follow design patterns of the natural world can really help. Industry insiders recommend wooden items, such as polished antiques and rounded corners on furniture.  You may also want to look at getting crafty yourself and putting a personal spin on the interior of your home. For example, have you heard about the recent trend of making things with pom-poms? Handmade and inexpensive, using pom-poms to craft interior items such as blankets and rugs will really boost your bold and bright agenda when it comes to texture.  Have a look at this tutorial to learn more!

Whatever your style, 2019 is all about individuality. You do you.