Making the most of your garden during winter

Posted on Monday, September 28th, 2020

Grow some Winter Vegetables:

Just because it is winter it does not mean that you cannot grow things in your garden. Winter is the perfect time to try your hand at growing some seasonal vegetables with leeks, kale and parsnips all amongst those that can be grown in winter.

Winter clean-up:

As there is less growing in your garden, now is an amazing time to have a winter clean-up of any sheds or greenhouses and dispose of any old or broken tools that you no longer use. Having a ‘spring clean’ and a clean-out can add space to your garden and make it more cosy for winter.

Temporary Cover:

Use your creative side and imagination to build a temporary covered space in your garden. The internet features a host of small, affordable gazebos and garden furniture that can provide a cosy covered space to enjoy your garden in winter.

Attract some visitors:

During the winter months, the local wildlife really needs your help and there are loads of things you can do to help them survive. Look at making your garden bee and bird friendly in winter by downloading one of the many winter wildlife guides online.