Out of style? Popular interior designs that may decrease in popularity next year:

Posted on Friday, December 11th, 2020

Grey’s will decrease in popularity:


Whilst the colour grey has been risen in popularity over the last five years, interior designers predict that this may wain in 2021 with bolder, brighter colours making a return. With many people spending the majority of 2020 in their homes, the cold look of grey has lost its popularity as people begin to add more colour.


All white interiors may follow suit:

For the last couple of years, decorating rooms with all white interiors has been a rising trend with everything from the walls to the curtains to the counter tops being made in white. For similar reasons to grey, this expected to change with people looking to add more colour to their walls. If bold colours are not your thing, try combining different shades of white to create a textured look and feel.


1950’s and 1960’s Furniture


The last decade has seen modern designers look to mid-century furniture for inspiration with geometric prints, spindle legs and walnut wood gaining in popularity. This supplemented by a host of 1950/60’s set films and TV programmes having huge success has seen mid-century furniture become a staple of many homes. However, many interior designers believe this trend may now have run its course with furniture from this time period finally becoming dated.