Signs that you’re obsessed with interior design

Posted on Wednesday, January 10th, 2018

Some people absolutely live and breathe interior design, and those that are lucky will have a really great eye for it. If you think that you’re one of these people, take a look at our list of signs that can prove you’re completely head over heels obsessed.

You’re always pinning on Pinterest 

If the primary use for your phone is as a digital mood board, then it’s likely that you’re always pinning the latest interior design trends on apps like Pinterest. A quick glance at your phone might bring up pictures of vintage door knobs, quirky bathroom tiles and colour swatches that you want to try out in your own home, just as soon as you get a clear picture in your head.

Taking the soft furnishings off your bed is a chore 

Is your bed completely drowned by cushions and other soft furnishings that take at least 5 minutes every night to remove? Then, in the morning it takes double that time to rearrange them just the way you like? If the answer to both is yes, then it’s likely that you’ve got at least a mild case of obsession.

You don’t dread going to IKEA 

For a lot of people, the idea of hell is spending hours traipsing around their nearest IKEA. However, if for you this seems more like an exciting day out and you look forward to the days you can tag along on friend’s trips just to pick up some new tealights then yes, you’re interior design mad.

You know the difference between different shades of grey 

No, most people aren’t able to differentiate between ‘Gray Owl’ and ‘Elephant’s Breath,’ that’s just you.

You’ve spent more than £20 on a candle 

Some people’s minds are completely blown when they see that a single candle costs £42 but not you, you’re more than willing to buy it because you just know it’ll be the perfect added touch to your living room.

Your Instagram feed looks like an interior design store 

Spending time carefully rearranging things just for the perfect Instagram photo is a clear sign that interior design is something that’s always on your mind. Similarly, you might also choose only to follow users that inspire you to improve your home.

One man’s trash is your treasure 

For you, nothing beats the thrill of finding a second-hand item that you can spend time upcycling to your own taste. However, while exploring second-hand stores is one thing, a family trip to the tip might be taking it too far…