Simple but effective ideas for embracing natural light in your home

Posted on Friday, November 16th, 2018

It has recently been revealed that many of us in Britain are lacking vitamin D. Sunny days are in short supply here in the UK and many of us spend our days inside an office.

When natural light enters our homes, it is important that we embrace it. Not only will this save us money on electricity from artificial lighting but it also attracts some nature into our living space.

Knowing how to make the most of natural light in your home can be tricky but we have compiled a list of some of the best tips and tricks.

Make the most your windows

Whilst it may seem obvious, the number one factor for bringing natural light into your home is a window. Try to keep the curtains and blinds open so natural light is not blocked. We should be helping natural light make its way into our home rather than hindering it.

Large floor to ceiling windows should be exploited as much as possible and windows above the kitchen sink should be exposed to a maximum. It is much easier to cook and work in natural lighting than it is artificial lighting!

Remove anything obstructing your windows

As well as keeping the curtains and blinds open, you should also remove anything that obstructs your windows. Outside, trim any trees and bushes that are blocking the light from entering your home.

Indoors, remove any objects from windowsills and move any furniture slightly away from windows or glass doors as this will allow any light to shine through. Keeping your windows clean will also allow more light to enter.

Exploit mirrors

It is basic physics that mirrors reflect light. The more mirrors you have in a room, the more light that will bounce from wall to wall. To really maximise the natural light in a room, place mirrors opposite glass doors or windows. If you are on the lookout for some new furniture, buy pieces with glass panels or mirrored accents.

Choose your colour scheme wisely

If you are looking to embrace natural light then you should always paint with light colours. Light colours reflect sunlight much better than dark colours. Cool tones such as duck-egg blue, cream, light grey or white will help to boost natural light in any room.

As well using light-coloured paint, light furniture and accessories should be favoured. Remove any dark furniture and accessories and opt for lighter shades. This is something that should be done especially around windows as dark window treatments are often the main culprit when it comes to blocking natural light from your home.

Bring the outdoors, in

Introducing live plants into a room is one handy way to ensure that you are letting enough natural light into your home as you will need to keep them healthy. With this, you have the added bonus of fresh herbs, flowers or even vegetables available to you at any time.