Staying fit whilst the gyms are closed

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2020

  1. Add some structure

It is difficult to structure your day when staying in the house but creating a plan for your workouts will make it likelier that you will stay on track. On a Sunday plan your workout for the weeks ahead and diarise the time.

  1. Technology is your friend

It is now easier than ever to track the progress your making with no shortage of apps offering home workouts or measuring your output. If you are getting into running or cycling use Strava to track your progress and if you are looking for home workouts, there is not a shortage of Physical Trainers who are providing online courses at discounted rates. 

  1. Use a dedicated space

Working out in your home can feel a bit uncomfortable at first and that can make it difficult to find the motivation. Having a dedicated space where you workout over time this make you feel more comfortable without turning your house into a gym.

  1. Get out once a day

Whether it is for a brisk walk or for a run, make sure you get out for some fresh air each day. Being cooped up inside leads to cabin fever and getting outside for at least half an hour each day can have a huge positive impact on your mental health.