Staying Healthy in Lockdown

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Modify your working hours to make the most of daylight hours:

The original lockdown had some of the best weather the UK has seen in many years and this seemed to help the general mood by having a positive impact on the people’s mental health whilst locked down. A winter lockdown brings with it its own challenges and the limited daylight hours mean it is difficult to truly enjoy the outdoors whilst in working hours. To adjust to this, it might be worthwhile modifying your working hours to start later or finish earlier allowing you to go for a walk or run whilst it’s still in daylight.

Switch up the snacks:

In an attempt to get comfortable during lockdown, many will turn to comfort foods and although they are tasty, they’re not beneficial in the long run. Switching the snacks to healthy options like fresh fruit, low fat yoghurt and nuts and raisins will make you feel a lot better in the long run, whilst keeping you healthier.

Control the booze:

Whilst it’s tempting to turn to the bottle whilst the world is in chaos, keeping in control of your alcohol intake is sure fire way to make yourself feel better. Try not to stockpile alcohol in the house and set limits per day and week to help you keep on top of it.