The best summer flowers for a UK Garden:

Posted on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021



Starting out with a statement flower, foxgloves can easily reach over five feet in height and bring bold colours to your garden. Ranging from almost luminous pinks to incredibly bright whites they come in a range of colours and the fact that they bloom in early summer means they can add a quick boost to your garden.




Another colourful choice, carnations are known for their bold hues and broad range of colours, they can grow to around 2 feet in height and are also seen as a symbol of love. What better way to being some love to your garden than with the simple and elegant carnation?


Gazania Hybrids:


A bright and beautiful flower that is sure to be a stand-out flower in any garden. Growing to around 15 inches in height and coming in an array of colours such as bronze, pink, red and yellow, the Gazania Hybrid thrive in spots that are especially hot or dry.