The biggest interior design trends to watch out for in 2018

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2018

Short of gazing into a crystal ball, we can’t be certain which interior design trends are going to be the most “in” this year. However, the home design platform Houzz and image-sharing site Pinterest have both shared their predictions, largely based on trends among their millions of users.

Here are just some of the major trends that these sites have forecasted for 2018. Act on these predictions now, and you can enjoy being in style whenever you are… indoors.

Kitchens richer in colour

For many homeowners, white is no longer always all right – at least as far as the kitchen is concerned. This year, we anticipate kitchens being richer in colour, with warm wood tones – like mahogany – joining neutral hues such as blues and greys, reports Independent.

Houzz editor Mitchell Parker has cited the influence of social sites in making homeowners realise “what’s possible, what looks fun and what they can personalise themselves”, he said.

Vintage light fixtures housing new technology

Technology might improve rapidly, but this doesn’t strictly mean having to leave vintage light fixtures in the past. The likes of pendants, lanterns and chandeliers can be outfitted with modern technology, allowing you to effectively enjoy the best of both past and present.

Vintage fixtures can, it would be fair to say, look more distinctive than modern alternatives. Furthermore, buying them can be surprisingly simple on such online marketplaces as Etsy.

The grey-green colour of sage

This year’s most on-trend colour for residential interiors looks set to be the soft grey-green hue known as sage. Across the Pinterest site, the term “sage” was among the site’s fastest-growing saved searches, reports the Daily Mail.

The colour has also been appearing much more often in images shared on Pinterest, with sage becoming more popular as a “new neutral” colour in bedrooms.

“Resort chic” bathrooms

We all look forward to holidays, but probably don’t spend nearly as much time actually enjoying them. However, you can give your bathroom more of the feel of a resort one by adding holiday vibes – and so make yourself feel like you are miles from home well before you actually are.

Hence, you could add such resort-style decor as rattan furniture, indoor plants, white tiles and decorative pebbles. This seems to be the kind of decor being eyed for many bathrooms; on Pinterest, saved searches using the term “spa bathrooms” have recently increased by 269%.

Patterned plants

You might already have many plants around your home, but have you paid enough attention to how the plants actually look? If not, you may not have realised that they can be effectively organic works of art. On Pinterest, “patterned plants” has become a 533% more popular term in saved searches. Prayer plants look especially appealing and could soon grow in popularity as a result.