The essential checklist when moving into a new property

Posted on Tuesday, December 27th, 2016

If you are currently undergoing the lengthy process of moving house, you could be finding it stress-inducing at several points. That’s understandable, but you can
which you then regularly refer to. That way, you can make sure that you aren’t overlooking any tasks that are vital to complete for a smooth, hassle-free property move.

Six weeks before the move happens…

First, confirm the date of the move. Then, if you will be renting the property, pass this moving date onto your landlord. You should also check that you will have home insurance cover from the day that you move into the new home.

If you will be turning to professional removal firms for help with having all of your items moved from your old home, you should acquire written quotes from some these firms. You need references and to assess what exactly their insurance covers. If, on the other hand, you won’t be using such firms, remember to ask friends and family for their assistance. You might also need to book additional storage space.

Let the relevant utility companies know when you will be leaving the old home, and begin sorting through items that are surplus to your requirements.  Assess which of these possessions should be donated to a charity shop, given to your friends, and sold through a car boot sale. Require new furniture or carpets? Order those now and have them delivered for your moving-in date.

Two weeks ahead of the move…

If your new home will be in a completely different area, de-register with your doctor, optician and dentist. Then, head to the post office, where you can – for a fee – have your post forwarded to your new address. Let your newspaper shop and milkman know that you are leaving and provide a date at which they should stop serving your old address.

Have children or pets? Make sure that someone will look after them while you are moving. List everyone who should be made aware that you are moving, and then send them e-cards indicating the change of address. If you are using a removal company, finalise your arrangements with them, confirm arrival times, and check that the removers know how to get to your new home’s address.

Next, arrange when you will meet up with the estate agent to pick up your new residence’s keys from them. Tell the bank about any changes to standing orders and direct debits.

Good luck with your house move

With this checklist at hand, you should find the property move less arduous – though you should still remember to set aside a lot of time for completing all aspects of that move.