Tips for adding colour to your living room

Posted on Friday, July 24th, 2020

1:  Add a feature wall

Painting one wall of your living room in a contrasting colour to the rest can create a bold statement and really breathe life into the space. By choosing a larger wall it can be become a centre piece of your living room, whilst a smaller wall will add subtly to the space. 

2: Add colour to your floor

Rugs are often used to make a room appear cosier, however adding a bold rug to your space can breathe energy and life into a room. Try adding a rug on top of a carpet in a contrasting colour, for hardwood flooring try a rug in a patterned or striped design.

3: Use reflections to your advantage

Adding a mirror to an empty wall can transform a bland and bare space into a feature space whilst also reflecting colour to the rest of the room.

4: Bold Art

If you’re looking to bring colour to your living room without painting a wall, adding bold artwork is a great way to bring a room to life whilst also showcasing your personality and interests. Millions of colourful prints are available online and it should be easy enough to find something that suits your tastes.