Tips for home-schooling during the new lockdown

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Reading is key:

Many studies suggest that children that are good readers usually perform better across a whole range of their subjects. Make a timetable with reading sessions at the same time every day to give your kids a solid basis for the rest of their learning.

Hit the ground running:

Starting early in the day and hitting the ground running is a good way to try and keep the rest of your day under control as once you let your kids watch television or play outside you’re less likely to be able to get them to switch back into work mode. Make sure their education is the first activity of the day and work in short bursts rewarding them with playtime as the day goes on.

Create a ‘school space’:

Their bedroom is not for doing work and it should stay that way throughout this new lockdown. Creating an area of the house that they know is specifically for study is a great way to get them to keep their concentration and to keep them on track for work whilst working.