Tips for keeping your home cool during warm weather

Posted on Thursday, April 22nd, 2021

Close the Curtains:


The simplest, but also probably the most effective solution. On a sunny day, most people’s reaction is to open those curtains wide and let the light fill the room. However, what you’re effectively doing here is turning your home into a greenhouse and letting heat pour into the house.


Switch off appliances:


A surprising amount of heat around the home is generated from household appliances and turning these off when you’re not actively using them can dramatically affect the heat around your home.


Install an awning:


If you live in a south-facing house, investing in a portable awning could be one of the best decisions that you make during a warm summer. They can be picked up for relatively small sums and are great for keeping key rooms shady.


Create a breeze:


As the sun begins to settle in the evenings, a quick and effective way to cool a home down is to create a breeze by opening windows and doors wide. You can even go one-step further and create a cross breeze by placing a fan opposite the window.