Tips for updating your kitchen on a budget

Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Add some art:

Bringing a splash of colour to your kitchen walls is a great way to bring life to the room whilst adding your own personal tastes and personality to the room. You can even go a step further by framing smaller pieces of artwork and resting them upright on your countertop.

Colourful appliances:

Another easy way to bring life to your kitchen is to switch out your own bland appliances and replace them with versions which are colourful or in different styles. Coffee machines, toasters and microwaves all come in a variety of colours and matching this with the rest of the kitchen bring a host of different options when designing your kitchen.

Add some plants:

Plants bring life to every room at the home and this is especially relevant for the kitchen. Despite being in lockdown, you can still get plants online and adding a few to your kitchen will breathe life to the space.