Top Cleaning Hacks From Mrs. Hinch

Posted on Friday, January 24th, 2020

Anybody who’s anybody knows who Mrs Hinch is. The Instagram sensation has grown her community in just over a year, dubbing the followers as her ‘Hinch Army’. If you’re not an avid follower of Sophie Hinchcliffe and her cleaning prowess, then here’s what you need to know.

Sophie Hinchcliffe or ‘Mrs. Hinch’ is an Instagram sensation that has captivated the British public with her incredible cleaning hacks. We’ve gathered some of her best ‘Hinching’ tips to help you get your home sparkling all year round!


The Beauty of Zoflora

Her first tip centers around the handy cleaning product, Zoflora. This disinfectant has started to sell out around the UK, all down to Sophie’s influence.

This multi-purpose cleaning product isn’t just your average disinfectant! It also cleans floors, windows, radiators, sinks, and bins! One of Mrs Hinch’s top tips encourages to soak some kitchen roll in Zoflora and leave at the bottom of your bin. This will leave it smelling fresh all week long!


Unblocking Your Sink

Blocked your sink? Try this tip before calling out for help! Take one cup of soda crystals and another cup of white vinegar and pour down your drain. You should be able to hear it fizzing, but don’t worry, this just means it’s working! 

After about 30 minutes, boil the kettle and pour the water down the drain to dislodge any left-over debris. After this step, you’re done! Easy. It’ll also leave your kitchen sink smelling wonderful for a good few days.

Cleaning the Fridge

Cleaning the fridge can be one of the worst jobs there is, apart from the ultimate nightmare – cleaning the oven! But, if you take it step by step, it will undoubtedly make this mammoth task feel a fraction less soul-destroying.

First, take your time and sort out the food in the fridge. Go through everything and make sure that nothing has gone out of date. If it has, throw it out! Next, take out all the shelves, racks and drawers and soak in warm water mixed with dish soap. Then, clean the sides of the fridge and the bottom! After the shelves and such have been cleaned, dry off and place it all back. Now you have a perfectly clean fridge!

The Almighty Minky

Mrs Hinch relies on the support from her almighty Minky to clean a large majority of her house. This antibacterial cleaning pad is the holy grail of all cleaning products. This item is great for washing up, wiping down and using hand-in-hand with some of Mrs Hinch’s most adored cleaning products!

Mrs Hinch owns a few of these bad boys and has different uses for each. This little miracle sponge has even sold out since the viral sensation raved about them on her Instagram page! Don’t worry, you can still grab them online.

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