Top spring cleaning hacks for your home

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2018

Cleaning the house can be a constant bugbear for many of us – not least because we often lack time to do it. Little wonder that up to 82% of people will admit to having dirty homes, says the Daily Mail.

Therefore, even during the usual time of year for spring cleaning, you may lack the enthusiasm for this responsibility. However, there are various ways of relieving much of the time and anguish of it.

The sweet smell of success… when using cinnamon

Sprinkling powdered cinnamon on household surfaces might not have been the first purpose you were considering for that spice when you originally bought it. However, on rugs and carpet, this technique can work brilliantly for giving your home a sweet scent.

Cinnamon masks nasty odours and is wholly organic, allowing you to use it without suffering side-effects that alternative, chemical-based solutions could cause.

There’s the rub: removing pet hair

We love our furry friends – to the extent that, when you see pet hair left on various pieces of furniture, you may initially deem this simply the price of having pets in your abode.

However, tricky though it may usually be to remove this hair, it’s easier if you start cleaning your furniture by simply rubbing it down while wearing some rubber gloves. Expect pet hair to stick to those gloves and so significantly ease your removal of it.

Heat used sponges in the microwave

You might habitually throw out sponges which you have used for cleaning. However, you can thoroughly clean the actual sponges – and so reuse them – if you know what to do.

Ideal Home advises that you sprinkle lemon juice of a small amount over a sponge before placing it in the microwave. Use this microwave to heat the sponge for a couple of minutes. This will kill germs and freshen the sponge’s smell, though you should avoid this method if the sponge includes metal.

You’ve got the cornflour! Use it wisely

If you have some cornflour in your cupboard, you don’t have to just use that starch for baking. It could also help you to remove oily or greasy stains from a carpet.

Such stains can be difficult to remove. However, if you have cornflour at hand, you could use it to cover the stain before waiting 20 minutes. Follow up by running a vaccuum cleaner over this stain. You could also mix cornflour with water for a solution that can leave silverware stunningly clean.

Cleaner toilets are coming…

Ran out of bleach? Check your fridge to see if it contains any cola. This drink, while not toxic, still has a mild acidity that can help it remove mineral marks and stains from the bowl and pipes of your toilet.

Pour cola both into the bowl and around the rim, making sure it is all coated. This can then leave you to wait roughly an hour while the cola gets to work.