Top tips to create an interior that will last

Posted on Friday, June 8th, 2018

Those looking to redecorate an existing space face the ultimate catch-22 situation – you want a home that looks modern now, but not one that will look outdated in two or three years. Let’s face it; while leopard print can bring a huge amount of personality to your home, it’s not really a print that can stand the test of time.  In that case, here’s where to invest your hard earned money so that your interiors don’t end up going out of style. 

Pick classic pieces

If you can, invest a fair amount of money in some quality, classic pieces that will offer you years of enjoyment. We’re talking about larger items of furniture such as beds, dining tables and solid wood cabinets that will provide you with classic lines that will suit any trend you might opt for in your cheaper items. Placing a classic piece against a neutral wall alongside some contemporary art will create exactly the sense of balance and order that you’re looking for.

Choose what you like – regardless of trends

While the interior design magazines might be urging you to buy a lime green sofa if you don’t like it then what’s the point? After all, you want your home interiors to reflect your personality and if you’re splashing the cash on something you don’t really love then the likelihood is that you’ll either end up resenting it or spending even more money on a replacement. Choose what makes you happy. We’ve found that lime green can be tough to accessorise anyway…

Stick to a neutral palette

When it comes to colour, expert interior designers always say that it’s best to stick to a neutral palette that you can spruce up as you wish. You might consider ‘neutral’ to be synonymous with ‘boring,’ but that doesn’t have to be the case. Choosing high-quality furniture items in neutral colours will give you the chance to change the accent pieces every now and again to keep things stylish. Remember, paint colours are a lot easier to change, not to mention cheaper, than a complete furniture overhaul.

Keep it functional

A timeless design that’s functional is always a sensible move. This means that you should stay clear of oversized items, busy patterns, and bold, clashing colours and instead spend some time looking for and investing in furniture that will tell a story. A lot of designers suggest an investment in antique pieces that can both reflect the past and become timeless when incorporated into more modern items.